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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Podcast App

December 15, 2017

Using your mobile app to share podcasts with your audience is just one of many ways to keep your audience engaged with your business. Podcast apps can also help your business to reach new mobile app users who may not have been as engaged with your business before. Creating a mobile app for your business can be an effective tool that converts users to customers, and your podcast app can help you to do just that if you develop it so that your app performs efficiently.

Podcast Listener Numbers are Steadily Rising

The number of podcast listeners has gone up 14% since 2016, and over 100 million Americans have listened to a podcast. Although your mobile app may have lots of exciting features and content for your users, if you have a podcast app you will have a more engaged audience. 85% of podcast listeners hear the majority or all of the podcast. This type of heightened focus from mobile device users is pretty rare, and as a business owner, applying this information can help your message to be heard much more thoroughly and clearly through a podcast app.

Appeals to Listeners on the Go

Your followers are busy people, and getting them to pay attention to what you have to say is often difficult. This is why podcast apps are so handy for businesses, 65% of podcast listeners use their phones to listen to the audio. Creating a podcast app will make it even easier for your listeners to access your podcast rather than having to log onto your website or go through their email to find the most current podcast.

Keep Listeners Coming Back

The nature of podcasts is that they aren’t one-time audio clips that listeners hear once and then forget about. Podcasts are meant to be listened to on a regular basis by listeners. 42 million people in the U.S. listen to weekly podcasts, and 67 million listen to podcasts each month. Your podcast app can bring listeners back to you as long as you keep sharing quality audio that appeals to their interests.

Attract New Users

There are some users who absolutely love your business, but they aren’t able to connect with it for some reason. That reason may lie in the way that you share information about your business. Those who lean more towards being auditory learners tend to get left out of many promotional efforts from businesses. Auditory learners make up about 30% of the population, and it’s important that as a business owner you use tools that appeal to how they receive information in the same way that you do with the rest of your audience.

You can make a podcast app with App7 at an affordable cost, and you can even do a trial just to test it out and see for yourself how that podcast app will perform. Contact us at (866)882-8484, we’d love to hear from you so that your users can hear from you in a new and better way.

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