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6 Must-Have Plug-ins You Should Have on Your Mobile App

October 20, 2017

App7 can help you create a mobile app that has plenty of features to impress your audience, but if you don’t have these six plug-ins then you’ll definitely be missing out on the opportunity to offer a better experience to your users.

Google Apps Integration with App7

Google has such a simple and easy to use system that even iOS mobile device users still find themselves using Google applications and systems that their devices will allow in order to get things done more efficiently. If you integrate Google Apps with your mobile app then your mobile app users will be able to access their email account, save documents, share files, and more all within your app.

Connect Woo Commerce to Your App

If you are a Woo Commerce merchant, then you should have a mobile app that allows your users to access your mobile store. Making the connection from your online store to your mobile app has never been easier than with a Woo Commerce plug-in. Your product inventory, selection, and more will be seamlessly connected to your mobile app so that your customers won’t have to leave in order to find what they’re looking for from your shop.

Shopify Plug-ins from App7

Shopify is another plug-in that is a must-have for online merchants. You can link your Shopify account with your mobile app, and experience a lot more activity for both your Shopify store as well as your mobile app.

Show YouTube Videos on Your App

Videos have become an extremely popular form of online content, and video content tends to get shared more often than any other form of web content. If you have a plug-in for YouTube then you’ll have a better chance of any content that you want to share being viewed by your audience. You can create a YouTube page for your business showing how to use your products, or even testimonial videos from your past customers and clients and it will have a high likelihood of being seen, especially if it’s integrated with your mobile app.

Display Instagram Photos

Instagram is a great space to show off your photography skills. If you have physical products, put them here on your Instagram page. Integrating your Instagram page with your mobile app will make it easier for customers to reference your store’s inventory and services when they get ready to make a purchase from you.

Twitter Plug-in

Twitter is great for showing off your knowledge and expertise. If you have a plug-in for Twitter then your audience can engage in conversations with you on topics that relate to your business, or they can ask you questions. If you use Twitter often enough, it can be a way that your audience contacts you quickly.

Learn More About App7 Plug-Ins

Mobile app plug-ins don’t have to be a headache to integrate when you use App7 as your mobile app development tool, we’ll integrate it for you. You can contact us to create a mobile app that is filled with plug-ins that will help your mobile app stand out.

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