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Create Custom Mobile App Color Selections & Themes with App7

Create Custom Mobile App Color Selections & Themes with App7

March 14, 2018

Create Custom Mobile App Color Selections & Themes with App7In building your new custom mobile app, you have to take into account important aspects such as features, reliability, and interface usability, but there are also other aspects that you need to take into account. The design of your app, the way that it looks and feels to the end user is also important. Choosing the right color scheme and theme is just as essential to the success of your app as any other factor. Let’s look at how you can keep these things in mind when you are designing your new app.

Color Can Be Key

One of the most important aspects of building your app is ensuring that the color scheme that you put in place fits with the rest of your branding activities. It’s doesn’t work if your branding uses Navajo Teal and Egyptian Oxblood, two colors which you so painstakingly chose and yet your app color scheme is using Texas Aquamarine and China Silk Vermillion. Being able to create a custom color scheme that fits exactly what you are also ready using in other locations means that you will have a more unified appearance between your app and everything else in your customer interaction materials. With App7 you can choose from thousands of possible color combinations in order to get the perfect look that is right for you.

Theme Continuity is Essential As Well

Using a theme that works with the rest of your branding materials is also important. Continuity of design throughout every aspect of your engagement with current and prospective customers is essential to building not only brand recognition but brand trust. With App7 you can select from a wide variety of themes and customize them in almost every way, if you know how to code and feel up to the task you can also get under the hood and make precise modifications to most elements so that you get the exact app theme that you want and need. This helps you to create a unified image across all of your exposure encounters with both established and prospective customers, and that is massively important.

With App7 It’s Easy

With you can build your very own custom mobile app in minutes and have it ready to roll out to your audience in days instead of weeks or months. App7 lets you build your app using a wide variety of great color selections and top quality templates that you can customize any way that you want to build the perfect one of a kind app for you. With App7 you never have to write a single line of code, in fact, you don’t have to know anything about programming. You can build your app using the same type of point and click interface that you have used with other services such as VistaPrint, SquareSpace, or Shopify. You also get a full-featured management console as well as professional testing of your new app. Once everything is up and ready to go, the App7 team will even help you get the app listed with all of the major app marketplaces and then take steps to get your app promoted and to achieve a higher ranking. With App7 you get everything that you need to not only built your custom mobile app, including great templates and color schemes but also to get it into the hands of the users that you want to engage with.

Now that you are ready to get started why not use our online contact form to send us a message. You can also call us at our Coral Gables, Florida offices at (866)882-8484. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you get a great custom mobile app that features the color scheme that you want. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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