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Get Your Mobile App Ready for 2018 with App7

Get Your Mobile App Ready for 2018 with App7

April 03, 2018

Get Your Mobile App Ready for 2018 with App7

If your product, business, service, or organization has been thinking about taking the plunge into the mobile app market in order to increase exposure, get more engagement, and turn more potentials into leads which can be converted into customers at a high rate, then its time to get off the hot seat and get to it. 2018 is slated to be the biggest year ever or the app market, and if you have been waiting around to get with the trend then its time to move. One thing that may have been holding you back is the perceived difficulty of getting your app ready and getting it to download markets. The good news is that there is a way to get your app built, developed out, testes, and listed with all of the major app marketplaces without a huge investment of time and money and without having to know a single line of code. The secret is to use a simple-to-build service like App7.

It’s Super Easy to Get the App You Want and Need

With App7 you just choose what you want to include in your app, customize it to your liking, and then let the team built it perfect for you. This is the fastest and most cost-effective method of getting an app built and to the market anywhere. With App7 you get professional app development without having to code, without major expenditures of time and money, and without the hassles that traditional app development can have. App7 lets you build an app as easily as you can get a custom built website with services like SquareSpace or Webs.

The Price is Right

Pricing is simple with App7. You can select from three monthly packages that fit into every budget. Starting at just $69/month for up to 20k downloads with 50k push notifications per month. This is great for small businesses, non-profits, and those just getting started in the app market. If you need more reach and more features than the Professional Package is the perfect choice. This plan gives you more precise control and greater flexibility for your app development and only runs $119/month. There is even a custom Enterprise Package, that allows you to get the exact level of reach and development that you need at a price that is much less than traditional app development and distribution methods.

You Can Get Started Today

Getting started is easy. You can register for free and begin to explore everything that you can do with App7. Registration requires just a username and email address. Once you are signed up you can start building your app, choose your plugins, theme, extra features, and start inputting your custom content and graphics. The next step is testing and refining, and App7 makes that a breeze as well. After you make your choices the team will get started making it a reality, you can have your app built in minutes, and custom apps can be done is a fraction of the time of hiring a traditional coder.

Get started with getting your app ready in 2018 by checking out the easy and fast app development services offered by App7. You can contact us via the contact form at the bottom of our main page, or you can call us at our Florida office at (866)882-8484. Don’t wait another minute while the power of apps passes you by. Let App7 help you get your app ready and out to the world today.

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