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How to Get Your Custom Mobile App Ranked in the Google Play Store

How to Get Your Custom Mobile App Ranked in the Google Play Store

January 08, 2018

How to Get Your Custom Mobile App Ranked in the Google Play StoreWhen it comes to getting the exposure that your brand needs in order to grow and be successful, the most popular trend today is to have a mobile app. This allows you to connect to and engage with your current customers while at the same time attracting new potential customers who may not know about you yet. The use of an app can increase the level of exposure that you and your brand have, no matter what kind of business you are in. The key, however, is to get your app into the hands of those customers that you want to connect with. This means you have to not only be listed in the Google Play App Store, but you have to be ranked as well.

The Old Fashioned Way

With traditional app development, you need to find a coding studio, work with a programmer to get the app core built, work with the interface designer to make it useable, and then head off to testing. Only once it is listed in an app store can the process of marketing and ranking your app begin. App rankings take into account a wide range of considerations such as search trends, reviews, star ratings, and app performance/crash reports. All of this means time, expense, and headaches. In the end, you will have your app listed and ranked, but the reward might not be worth the effort.

The New Way

There is a better way. is a creation tool that allows you to create a custom mobile app for your brand or organization in minutes using the same type of simple point, click, drag, and drop interface that you have used with other services. If you have used services like VistaPrint to make your business cards, CafePress to create your marketing materials, and SqaureSpace to build your custom website, you can use The best part is that this a subscription-based model that gives you a virtual hands-off approach. Your plan covers not only the building of your app, but best of all, it’s listing and ranking in all of the major app stores including the Google Play App Store. You don’t have to do anything except use a simple wizard to create your app, and then let our App7 team do the rest.

Don’t let a lack of good Google Play App Store ranking for your custom mobile app keep you from getting the exposure that you need. Let us help you not only build a great mobile app, but also get it listed and ranked. You have more important things to have to worry about than your app, but that doesn’t mean that your app isn’t one of the most important things in your business. We can take care of your app needs so you can spend more time taking care of your customers. You can contact App7 with a call to our Coral Gables, Florida offices at (866)882-8484 or you can connect with us online via our  contact form.

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