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How to Increase Your Mobile App Store Ranking

December 25, 2017

Creating a mobile app is only the beginning of having an accessible tool that can help you to attract new clients and customers. Making sure that your mobile app is capable of attracting new users and keeping them engaged is another step that you need to incorporate as well. Your mobile app rankings in each of the respective app stores play a big part in determining just how well your mobile app is performing, as perceived by mobile app users. There are currently over 2 million mobile apps on the iOS app store alone, and if you want your mobile app to stand out you’ll have to put in some work.

Polish Up Your Keywords

Make sure that the keywords that you are using are relevant to the content and features of your mobile app. Using the most fitting keywords makes it easier for users to find your mobile app when they search those keywords in an app store. To increase your rankings, use keywords that are relevant to your mobile app’s focus in a way that comparable mobile apps aren’t using as much. There are certain mobile app keywords that are overloaded with several mobile apps that are alike, and it’s not as easy to rank highly for mobile app owners who are just starting out and using these keywords. If you use keywords that are related to your mobile app in a way that is unique to your mobile app instead of just blanketed keywords that are overused by other others in your app category, then your mobile app stands a better chance of moving up higher in mobile app store rankings.

Show Your Best Features

Whatever your best features are on your mobile app, be sure to take screenshots of them and place these photos onto the details of your mobile app. Users want to see what they’re getting when they download your mobile app, and you can help them out by showing them. This helps your rankings because if users are confused about your details and they download the app just to delete it later on, this can deter other users from downloading your mobile app. If users see a much higher download than active user rate, they may not be as likely to give your mobile app a chance. If you can include photos with your mobile app details then your rankings can increase simply because your users will know what they’re getting from the start.

Update Your Mobile App Regularly

Updating your mobile app can go both ways. You should be making sure that your mobile app is compatible and up to date with the latest updates and policies from app stores, and you should also make sure that your mobile app functions are what users actually need and want.

Your mobile app can go up in rankings if you commit yourself to the goal. You can reach out to us at App7 at (866)882-8484, and we will provide you with our in-depth support to help your mobile app rise to the top.

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