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Increase User Engagement with Push Notifications

May 02, 2018

Increase User Engagement with Push NotificationsIn order to be at your most effective you have to be able to engage with your customers fully and at all times. The new rule of thumb in today’s highly connected world is being marketing Omni-present. This means being constantly connected to your customers in all aspects of their life, both actively and passively throughout every day. Mobile devices and mobile apps allow this marketing Omni-present capability to occur, and they allow you to be able to reach out to your customers in exciting ways that even just a few years ago would not have been possible, let alone conceptualized. The most powerful aspect of marketing Omni-presence provided by mobile connectivity is without a doubt the push notification.

The Power of Push Notifications

With push notifications, you are able to continuously engage with your mobile app users. This lets you get the word out quickly and easily about new specials, new products or services, limited time offers and more. You can also use push notifications to let your users know about things that they may be interested in, such as changed store location hours, special events, or interactions with products that they may have on a watch list such as fellow customers leaving a new review, or in-stock quantities running low.

Push Notifications Are Now Smarter

App7 offers a new level of interactivity with smart push notifications that let you tailor the push notifications to specific users or particular triggers. One example of this are push notifications that will trigger only if your users are located at a particular GPS location such as your store. They can trigger as soon as your user arrives at your location and provide them with coupons, special in-store events, or limited quality notification for products they have previously shown an interest in online. Smart push notifications also allow you to send directed social media and retail media marketing materials to your users to more fully and effectively draw them into your exposure matrix. It’s all possible thanks to the advanced power of smart push notifications, and with App7 you can put a smart push to work for you without any advanced coding or app programming required.

It All Starts with A Great App

With you can build a great mobile app that provides you not only with a way to inform and connect with your market audience, but also provides for advanced features that give you more powerful and effective ways to create highly sustainable intensely reactive engagements. This means you can enjoy not only more effective passive data mining but also more active conversion rates. The key to success is turning watchers into actors and push notifications are the best way to do that on mobile platforms. You never have to write a single line of code with App7 lets you build your app with all of these advanced features using a revolutionary template system. If you can point and click you can build your app in minutes. Have you used other “just add water” services to help grow your business such as VistaPrint, Shopify, or CaféPress? If you have then you are already familiar with the concept of WYSIWYG Boiler Plate Construction. If you have used these type of services then you already possess all of the skills that you need to build your app.

With a great custom mobile app like the kind that you can build with, you can take full advantage of not only traditional push notification to increase user engagement but also advanced smart push notifications. Having the ability to take advantage of these important tools is essential to getting the higher user engagement and thus better results for your business or organization. Let us help you get started today by calling us at our Coral Gables, Florida offices at (866)882-8484 or you can drop us a message using our convenient online contact form. Let help you build deeper and stronger relationships with your users by getting you the advanced mobile app that you need.

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