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Top 3 eCommerce App Integrations For Retail Stores

Top 3 eCommerce App Integrations For Retail Stores

April 12, 2018

Top 3 eCommerce App Integrations For Retail Stores

Business is good, you have done well in terms of marketing your retail store and have a good base of loyal customers and a decent revenue stream. The question is how long will it last. Business is changing, especially the retail industry, and if you are going to succeed for the long term you need to change with it.

Every quarter it seems we are hearing about major retail players who have taken too long to get on the next generation bandwagon that are paying the price. Retail marketing giants such as Macy’s, JCPenny, and Sears have all been affected to varying degrees. Even venerable names such as Toys R Us and Sports Authority are now lost to the annals of history because they could not make the jump to the new way of doing business.

Unless you want to be a part of that list its vital that you find a way to embrace the new way people are shopping, which is a combination of brick and mortar as well as online shopping. People are more electronically integrated than they have ever been and they want a synergistic shopping experience that allows them to take advantage of the best of both worlds. With that in mind, you need to incorporate advanced eCommerce integration into both your retail store and your mobile app so as to bridge the gap between the two and give customers the shopping experience that they desire. Let’s look at three of the top ways that you can integrate eCommerce functions into your mobile app, then w will touch on how you can get your mobile app built quickly and easily in minutes at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

Loyalty Card Program

One of the best ways that you can incorporate eCommerce into your mobile app and your retail store operation is to use a loyalty card program in your app. There are several ways that this can be used to help you increase customer engagement. You can use it to offer free gifts, special saving vouchers, entries into sweepstakes, and even the chance to offer a follow-up survey after a retail store visit.

QR Scanning for In-Store Promotions

Integration between your app and your brick and mortar retail stores is essential to giving your customers the seamless back and forth experience that they desire. One way that you can make this integration is the use of QR scanning that can bring coupons, special, and even related online content such as inventory levels or additional products or services customers might be interested in.

Advanced Smart Push® Notifications

Smart Push® notifications allow you to take advantage of features such as geo-fencing, network join triggers, and more. These features let you engage with your customers in new and exciting ways by offering them notifications about promotions, events, and specials that are specific to what they are actually doing in your app, or in your location, they are visiting at that moment. This allows you to tailor your interaction with customers to their specific needs and wants.

Get Started by Building Your Custom Mobile App Today

Building a great mobile app is the first step toward taking advantage of these e-commerce integrations. You may think that building a mobile app is an expensive or complex thing. While this can be the case, it doesn’t have to be. is a great way to get the custom mobile app that your retail business needs without having to know anything about programming and without ever having to write a single line of code unless you want to. The revolutionary App7 template-based system gives you the ability to build a world-class mobile app in minutes and a fraction of the cost of other app creation methods. With App7 you use a simple point and click interface to drag and drop components into your app template. Everything is fully customizable so you get exactly what you want. If you have used other services that utilize WYSIWYG Boiler Plate Construction Interfaces then you already have the skills needed to build the perfect app for your business. Have you designed a business card or stationary with VistaPrint, built a custom website with SquareSpace, or created promotional or marketing materials with CafePress? If you have then you are already a pro at building with BPC systems and are ready to get started building your custom mobile app right now. The best part is that you get everything included in your one monthly price plan that you need to build, test, market, and admin your mobile app. This means that you will never have to worry about budget busters or cost overruns when it comes to your mobile app.

Don’t wait any longer, give us a call today and let us show you how a great mobile app with e-commerce integrations can be just what you have been looking for to help your business. You can reach us at our Coral Gables, Florida offices at (866)882-8484 or you can use our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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