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Top 3 Latest Trends in Mobile App Design & Development

October 26, 2017

Through your mobile app you have a captive audience, and it’s important to make sure that you’re keeping up with the latest trends so that your audience doesn’t suddenly decide that you aren’t giving them enough of a reason to stay. There are currently a few trends that you can easily incorporate into your mobile app, and it will enhance the end-user experience in a way that will make them want to use your mobile app far more frequently.

  1. Simplicity

The design of your mobile app as well as how your mobile app functions, should be as simple as possible. More mobile apps are reflecting the clean and crisp aesthetic that so many mobile app users have become accustomed to from bigger businesses, and if your mobile app is too noisy visually you could run the risk of turning your mobile app users away. Use no more than three branded colors, keep the number of in-app functions fairly low, and make your mobile app easy to navigate. Trying to cram the scale of your whole business into your mobile app is too overwhelming for both you and the mobile app users.

  1. Integration

Mobile app users want a more sophisticated way of using their mobile devices. They don’t want to have to close out of your mobile app to get to your store or website. Fumbling through tabs is something that most mobile app users don’t like dealing with on a mobile device. Mobile apps aren’t website browsers where you have to keep opening and closing tabs to find what you’re looking for. Use integrations to make it as simple and as seamless as possible for your mobile app users to get to your website, to buy from your store, and even to go to your social media pages. It will save them time, and it will keep them in your app where they can find even more reasons to want to stay connected to your business.

  1. Built-in Intelligence

The purpose of using a mobile app is to make things easier for your audience, but it is also to make your job easier as a business owner. Mobile apps need to have smart capabilities that will help you automate as much as you can. Smart syncing, which allows your changes to your mobile app to be automatically saved to all app stores is just one of the built-in smart functions that we offer. We also provide smart push. This allows you to send targeted push notifications to segmented groups of your audience.

If you implement these three new trends into your mobile app your end-users will thank you for it. You can begin working with App7, and you won’t have to worry about coding, designing, or developing your mobile app on your own. In fact, if you just take as little as 15 minutes out of your day to select the features and template that you want for your mobile app then you can have a mobile app for your business today. Contact us, we want to help your mobile app work well for you and your audience.

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