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Why Is a Mobile App So Important For eCommerce Businesses?

November 03, 2017

Your eCommerce business could be in an even better position than it is now if you would just do one simple thing: create a mobile app. Mobile app development as it stands today, is not the same costly and lengthy process that it used to be. You can create a mobile app as an extension of your eCommerce business in no time, even if you have a modest budget. The benefits of having a mobile app for your eCommerce business are definitely worth the small investment.

More Frequent User Engagement

Mobile apps allow users to stay even more engaged with a business’s content through the handy use of mobile devices. Users take mobile devices with them everywhere, and there isn’t as much restriction as it pertains to convenience on their time or space. This is starkly contrasted from the time and space limits that would arise from using a laptop or desktop computer. You can include push notifications, in-app incentives, and other exclusive messages that will get to your users much more quickly through a mobile app versus relying solely on web browsers.

Mobile App Usage is Rising

Creating a mobile app for your eCommerce business would put you squarely in the place where the majority of audiences are these days. Just in 2017 alone, 197 billion mobile apps have been downloaded worldwide according to a recent study from Statista. In 2016 this number was 149.3 billion, and by the year 2021 this number is anticipated to grow to 352.9 billion. At this point having a mobile app for your business is becoming less and less of an option, and much more like the new standard.

Makes Shopping Easier

Your mobile app can provide users with another way to make their way through your product and service inventory. If users have downloaded your app to their phone or other mobile device, then they will be able to make in-app purchases from your store. This makes it more convenient for the both of you. Your customers won’t have to worry about missing store hours or logging onto a website to make purchases, and you’ll be able to receive even more sales for your business.


Your eCommerce business has a pretty outstanding reach just by being on the internet, but what if you could reach even further than that? Having a mobile app is one of the best ways to make you as a business owner more accessible to users. You can include two-way communication between you and users within your app so that you can answer questions and handle concerns quickly.

If your eCommerce business doesn’t already have a mobile app then what are you waiting for? It’s not too late to make the change, and App7 has plenty to offer your eCommerce business through our mobile app development services. When you use App7 as your mobile app builder you’ll have far more time and resources left over after building your mobile app. Contact us and we’ll help you find the plan and features that will make your eCommerce store even more appealing to your audience.

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