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Why You Should Have Your Mobile App on Amazon's Appstore

Why You Should Have Your Mobile App on Amazon’s Appstore

March 22, 2018

Why You Should Have Your Mobile App on Amazon's Appstore

Now that you have your great new custom app built, and listed on the GooglePlay App Store, you may think that you are all set for success. The truth is you may only be reaching a fraction of the possible audience that you want and need to reach. While the Google Play App Store is the largest and most commonly known app marketplace for Android phones, tablets, and netbook computers, it isn’t the only one. There are a lot of people who either can’t or choose not to use GooglePlay for their app downloads. For those people, there are a wide variety of alternative app markets that offer the software they need for their devices. Since they are not going to GooglePlay they might not be aware that your app even exists. The largest of these alternative app markets and the one with the biggest customer reach is the Amazon Appstore, and you should be on it. Let’s take a moment to look at why.

Name Recognition and Perceived Endorsement

Amazon is the largest online retailer of merchandise, entertainment, and apps in the world. They are a respected and recognized company that has brand power behind their name. When you list your app with the Amazon Appstore, you get to enjoy the benefits of being associated with such a strong brand. While Amazon does not endorse any of the apps in their marketplace, there is a psychological connection that users make in the form of pseudo-endorsement when a product is associated with a high-quality distributor. You can take advantage of this by listing your app on Amazon.

Mass Visitor Numbers Means Possible Exposure

Amazon is one of the five most visited websites in the world every day. With millions of visitors every day coming to Amazon for items ranging from gourmet coffee to underwear and everything in between your app has the chance to be exposed to thousands of potential downloaders a week. The Amazon Appstore is the largest non-google app marketplace around, and you can take advantage of the high volume traffic to get more exposure than you ever thought possible.

Reach those who Cannot or Won’t use GooglePlay

There are a lot of users who either cannot use GooglePlay or choose not to for a variety of reasons. Many times users who have lower price unlicensed android products made by economy manufacturers or import sellers cannot access the GooglePlay marketplace because their devices are not enabled with GooglePlay Services. Others choose to not work with the GooglePlay marketplace because they do not agree with the business practices of Google or its parent company Alphabet, Inc., in either case, they will not be able to access and download your app, and therefore they are not viable for you as a potential user. By making your app available to users via alternate marketplaces such as the Amazon Appstore, you have a chance to engage with this particular demographic still.

A Single All-In-One Solution

With you not only get a top-quality custom mobile app, as well as an easy to use management console that lets you update your app and stay in contact with your users, but you also get your app listed on GooglePlay and all other major app stores. App7 takes care of all of the details of testing, polishing, listing, promoting, and even getting a high ranking on your app. This is all included at no extra charge as part of your monthly subscription package. Building your new app is easy using the revolutionary point, drag and drop interface offered by App7. You don’t need to know a single thing about programming or write a single line of code. With app7 you can build your app in minutes and get it out to your customers in days instead of weeks or months.

When you are ready to get started building your app and getting listed with not only GooglePlay App Store but all of the major app marketplaces, give us a call at our Coral Gables, Florida office at (866)882-8484 or use our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you. Let us show you how a great custom mobile app is the perfect way to build more brand recognition and customer engagement for your business, organization, or brand.

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