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Create an eCommerce App Without Any Coding Experience!

4 Mistakes Your Business Can Avoid When Designing a Mobile App

November 18, 2017

We know that you’re excited about creating your first mobile app. You may even be designing a better mobile app than the one you’ve previously created. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time. Just try not to get so caught up in the excitement of the app designing process so that you can avoid making these four mistakes. Trust us, your mobile app will be a lot more beneficial to you without the self-sabotage.

Create an eCommerce App Without Any Coding Experience!

1. Shoddy Appearances

The look of your mobile app can cause your users to stay on your app for hours, or it can cause them to lose interest in your app completely. You don’t want to use a design or template for your mobile app that isn’t conducive to the type of user experience that will lead your app users to either make a purchase from you or to engage with your business even further. Use designs, colors, and a layout for your mobile app that is simple, professional, and appealing.

2. Overcrowding

Putting too many features and functions on your mobile app may seem like something that is impossible to do, and it may even seem like something that’s not such a bad idea. But when you get into the territory of overwhelming your users, then you’ve gone too far. Only include the most key features that your users will find most convenient to them, particularly in moments when they’re on the go.

3. Working Harder Not Smarter

If you know how to code, you may be putting a lot of sweat equity into your mobile app. There’s nothing wrong with applying what you know to your mobile app, but if you are a small business owner you need all of the time that you can spare for running the other areas of your business. You can use a mobile app development tool that will keep you from spending hours on coding, and then you can focus on making your business better overall. You can even spend more time engaging with your mobile app users, rather than exhausting yourself building the app.

4. Overspending

If you’ve depleted your tech budget for your mobile app, then you’ve made a pretty major mistake. You shouldn’t have to spend more on your mobile app then you’re comfortable with. This is a common mistake that happens when you decide to work with a professional mobile app developer who designs mobile apps for numerous clients in-house. The attention is individualized, the work is done in detail, and you can reach out to them with your questions. However, using a pricey mobile app developer can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars upfront. This doesn’t even include their add-on charges for any extra assistance you may require. You don’t have to be stuck with this choice for mobile app development.

Good for you, no mistake has to be permanent, especially with App7. We offer affordable, easy to use, and high-performance mobile apps that will help you to avoid making these costly mistakes. Drop us a line at (866)882-8484, we want to hear from you so contact us.

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