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How to Improve Your Mobile App Checkout Experience

February 12, 2018

So you have done everything that you should have done to get a great online prescience that attracts customers, you have wowed them with your products and customer service, and you have turned them into regular fans with your mobile app. Now all that is left is to make that sale. This is perhaps the most important, and also the most dangerous part of your customer interacting with your mobile app. It is here that they will either complete a transaction or give up and abandon you and your business before turning to your competitor. It is crucial that you have a great check out experience for your customers. If you don’t then you might, just might complete this on transaction, if the customer is invested enough into the purchase of what they have put in their cart, but it is highly unlikely that they will think about:

Remove Distractions

Keep the checkout interface clean and move your customers through it quickly. Don’t clutter the area with needless text or trying to jab in more special offers. It is ok to offer one, but no more than one, add-on but then move on to the business at hand. Anything that is cluttered, complex, or pushy will only make the user feel overwhelmed and they may just say enough and walk away without completing the sale.

Make it Seamless

Move the customer from the shopping phase to the checkout phase quickly and easily. Don’t try to push too many add-ons on them, and don’t make it hard to figure out how to get the point that they can complete the transaction. It’s like the old adage says, “never make it hard for someone to give you money when they are ready to or they might just change their mind.” Use a clear checkout button and tie it to every point of purchase location throughout your app. If your customer has to go looking for how to checkout, they may just decide to go looking for another seller while they are at it.

Keep it Simple

Work with your customer so that they can pay out as easily as possible in a way that works best for them. Remember they are there at their convenience, not yours. One of the best ways to handle this is to use a third party processor, a service like PayPal is great as they can handle everything that you need with only a single API powered plug-in for your shopping cart. Online processors will charge a small amount to handle your transactions, but it is usually miniscule compared to what you are getting in return. In addition, customers will appreciate having their transactions handles by a name that they know and trust.

How to Get a Great Checkout Experience

If your current mobile app isn’t providing a great checkout experience then perhaps its time to make some changes. We would be happy to take a look at your current app setup and suggest how it can be better, but we may have a better option for you. is an exciting way to get a brand new mobile app that will give your customers an amazing user experience from the first moment they log on all the way through to the checkout process. With App7 you can get your new mobile app built and out to your users in days instead of weeks or months, and a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile app development methods. App7 uses a unique building interface that lets you do most of the work yourself. You select the design, input your content, choose the features and plugins that you want, and then select the pricing plan that fits best for your budget. With App7 everything is included in one low subscription price.

When you are ready to get started just give us a call at our Coral Gables, Florida offices at (866)882-8484. You can also contact us using our online form. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Lets us show you how easy it is to get the great mobile app you need with a checkout experience that will keep your customers happy.

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