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How to Take Advantage of Mobile Apps for In-Store Promotions

February 10, 2018

You have worked hard to build your brand and now your business is thriving. Your success has come in part due to your online marketing activities using social media, your website, direct marketing campaigns and of course your mobile app. Building a mobile app for your store was a great idea, it allows you to stay in touch with your customers, get feedback on their buying experiences, offer them exclusive rewards for online purchase and more. But did you know that you might be losing out on a very important feature that can help increase sales and boosts customer visits? You can use your mobile app to make customers aware of in-store promotions and special products.

By taking advantage of the power of mobile apps, you can interface with your customers in real time, in ways that just a few years ago would never have been thought of. For instance, you can have your app designed to track when customers arrive at your store and offer them the most up to date specials and in-store promotions. You can also let customers enter drawings or register for free gifts or classes by simply scanning a QR code located on a display in your store. These are just a couple of the ways that you can use a mobile app to increase interactions with your customers, not only online but in your brick and mortar store as well. This is called Synergetic Fluidity Interaction and it is the best way to turn casual shoppers into loyal buyers and subsequently into raving fans.

If your current mobile app isn’t able to take advantage of these advanced functions, then maybe its time to move up to a new generation of app that offers you more. You could, of course, go out and pay a lot of money for a new app and then go through the extensive design, build, and testing phase, but why deal with all of that hassle. The better way is to use and have a new mobile app for your business ready to go with the latest advanced features in less time and for far less money than traditional app creation methods. Is a different way to get a custom built app. Using a simple point and click, drag and drop interface much like you may have used on services like Shopify, VistaPrint, and SqaureSpace, you can select from plugins, premium features, beautiful templates and more. Once you have built your new app, including features that will allow you to seamlessly connect your customers in store to your online brand experience, your app is then assembled, tested and made available via all of the major app stores. Our App7 team will even help get your new mobile app ranked in the GooglePlay app store so you can attract even more customers to your brand.

You don’t have to know anything about coding or app developments and since everything is included in your low monthly pricing plan you will never have to be concerned about cost overages or development budget busters. You even get maintenance and management included so that your app stays running at its best. When you are ready to get started, why not call us at our Coral Gables, Florida offices at (866)882-8484. You can also get in touch with us using our online form. We would love to hear from you. Let us show you how you can use your mobile app to take advantage of in-store promotions and increase your sales conversion and loyalty rates.

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